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category 4 storm and from above take a look at th. it looks like a beast. plus, inside the mind of the gunman who took three hostages that discovery channel headquarters. and any minute now, we'll hear from secretary of state hillary clinton, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas as they hold their first direct peace talks in two years. good morning, i'm chris jansing. live from msnbc world headquarters in new york, it is a very busy thursday and we begin with one of the strongest hurricanes ever to threaten the east coast. more people are getting out of the way as hurricane earl gets more serious. evacuation orders keep growing in coastal north carolina. it's now mandatory for residents to pack up in some some places. earl is back up to a category 4 storm and packing winds of 140 miles per hour. governors in north carolina, virginia, maryland, they've all declared state of emergency and people aren't just brushing this off any more.
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>> earl was a big unknown. if it stays out to sea, we probably would have been okay and gotten rain. >> do you board up? >> i haven't yet, to this point. but this might be the first. >> either we'll leave beforehand and/or we won't drive in it. that's for sure. >> they think we're due for something. >> bill karins is tracking the storm's path and we're covering earl's impact with reports from north carolina and long island. but let's begin with al roker in kill devil hills, north carolina. al? >> right now hurricane earl is 345 miles away from the carolina shoreline. the outer banks here and we continue to monitor and right now rain bands only about 50 miles away, so we will be starting to feel the effects of hurricane earl rather shortly. you can see it's clouded up and the winds have picked up and the seas a lot rougher. it is just going to get worse. this system as it barrels
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towards us, we expect to see the rain by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon getting heavier as the day wears on. w we expect earl parallel to the outer banks. just about 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow morning and as it continues up the coast to the jersey shoreline and then new england, we expect it might possibly make landfall along to nantucket where it juts out. it doesn't have to make landfall to cause major problems. it is moving forward at 18 miles per hour. that will increase the possibility of storm surge where you get most of the damage through the storm surge, but we look for heavy rains, high winds and, again, hurricane force winds extend out 90 miles from the center of the storm. so you don't have to make landfall to get major impact from this hurricane. we'll continue to monitor it and there will be an update coming up from the national hurricane center within the hour. more details for you.
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>> thanks very much, al. let's get over to meteorologist bill karins. i can tell you fraught talking to al earlier, those winds have picked up where he is. what are things looking like right now? >> i am breathing a sigh relief. it is no longer heading west any more and that's a sigh of relief for most people in north carolina, not the outer banks, but it doesn't look like we'll get a direct landfall. that's good. we don't want any surprises. the radar starting to fill frin the first time to the south. in the next 12 hours that is filling through in north carolina and literally everyone in the outer banks has six hours or so. the storm is still a big monster, but starting to weaken, finally. really paekd this morning at about 6:00 a.m. or so and a slow, weakening trend. go from a category 4 to a category 3 by the time it gets off virginia beach. this is the wind field. once the orange field makes it
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to the the carolina coast, the tropical storm winds will begin, that's in six or seven hours from now. the waves are incredible. we now have 13-foot waves off hatteras and look at the beaches off of florida. 14 to 15-foot waves. this is just a storm just churning up the ocean and as far as the timing goes, its closest path to cape hatteras some time around 2:00 a.m. or so and the worst winds before it. notice it's off the coast and with hurricanes the right side is always the stronger side. so, thankfully, it's on the weaker back side and then we're still worried about cape cod. the earlier forecast advisory had it going almost right through nantucket. with the next advisory, little further off the coast. it will trend over the last couple hours for our new computer models to take it further to the east. you can see here what a difference that would make. as of now, a dangerous close call for cape cod. >> real quickly for people not at those beaches, big travel weekend, labor day. what is this likely to do to air travel and the people driving to
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grandma's house or to the barbecue? >> i-95 should be okay for d.c. all the way up to new york city. that doesn't look to get hit by this storm. it's really the coastal beaches. if people want to get to the beach for saturday or sunday, don't drive friday, just wait until saturday morning. >> moving towards the beach towns of new york and new jersey, bracing for hurricane-force winds. signs are already up and people are being told to watch out. in fact, some of them have already been taking their boats out of the water. the weather channel's mike seidel is live in montauk, new york, and, mike, we just heard the track of the storm is going away from the worse-case scenario. what is likely to happen where you are? >> we certainly are still going to have the impacts here and a direct hit has always been unlikely here because we don't stick as far out as the outer banks and certainly cape cod. but we're taking the beating already here on these beaches. some beach erosion, it is going to be significant.
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they shut down these beaches, unless you're near a life guard stand, you can go swimming there. but the marine police just went by and a couple girls in the water not even up to their knees and they blew them out. they don't want anybody in this water, it's too dangerous. as far as the rest of today goes, chris, weather is beautiful. these waves right now about four to five footers and ramping up to eight to ten footers by tomorrow. the worst of the impact is tomorrow afternoon through say midnight tomorrow night based on the current track and timing. not a direct hit. but we have tropical storm warnings up so expect wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. the biggest concern here is how much beach they lose to this storm. they lost a lot of beach last fall and this past spring and they expect these beaches to take a heavy, heavy hit. no evacuations here, not even a fire island. we'll watch it for you from here as the weather goes downhill later tomorrow morning. back to you, chris. >> for people heading to the beach for the weekend, looks pretty good. >> still an excellent weekend. anywhere on the east coast, but,
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again, with the disclaimer that even though the hurricane goes by, the seas, the ocean will still be very rough saturday, calming down sunday. so, i have a feeling on saturday it's going to be small areas where these life guards will let you swim. remember, if there's no life guards in this kind of situation, do not go out in the water. that's when 98% of drownings occur when there's no life guard on duty. >> word to the wise, thanks, mike. meantime, we're keeping our eyes on a breaking news situation unfolding right now in dallas. an atf agent was shot while trying to serve a search warrant on a suspect. the agent did not return fire, we're told. the suspect was arrested after a brief standoff. that aff agent was taken to a local hospital and we are waiting for word on his condition. getting some new insights today into the man at the center of that hostage situation outside washington, d.c. for years james jay lee had railed against the discovery channel's programming, but yesterday his anger boiled over in a desperate and violent
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manner. nbc tom costell oo is live in silver spring, maryland. what are we learning now, tom? >> chris, good morning. well, overnight the bomb squad cleared the building. we were told by police they had to detonate four specific devices and they also found several backpacks with guns and masks in those backpacks. yesterday the suspect walk under to the discovery building here, he wanted to speak to company executives. that was the clue to start immediately getting people out the back doors as quickly as they could. now, at about the same time, nbc news called discovery hearing there was an incident and somehow our producer in new york was on the phone within a matter of seconds with the gunman. we immediately contacted montgomery county police and said we have the gunman on the phone. the police told us, keep talking to him and pass along to us, to the police, whatever he tells you. the lunch hour was just ending when witnesses say the gunman walked into the discovery channel headquarters just
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outside of washington waving a handgun, wearing what appears to be explosives and ordering everyone in the lobby to stay still. we now know the suspect was james jay lee, whose long list of demands included a change in discovery channel programming. as word of the hostage situation spread, nbc news producer called the discovery channel general number. suddenly, lee himself picked up the phone. >> no one has been shot. >> do you have a gun? >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it, i'll explode. >> so, we do know that the lines of communication are open with this man. nbc news immediately consulted with police and decided against reporting the situation until it was over. most of the building's 1,900 employees were told to evacuate, and did. including all the children in a day care center on the first
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floor. >> they said, don't go into the lobby. the there's some action going on there. >> weren't sure if he would come up to other floors or anything. >> reporter: he had a history of rotesting in front of the discovery channel. calling for more programming about global warming and animal extinction. after attracting crowds by throwing thousands of into the air, he was arrested in february of 2008 and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. lee told our nbc news producer he spent time preparing for this attack. >> how long have you been working on this particular bomb? >> three weeks, around three weeks or a month. >> three weeks? >> did a lot of research. i had to experiment. >> and how many bombs, again, do you have? >> i have several. >> reporter: our producer asked what skills lee had to build a bomb. >> i was a welder. i was a welder. parts, i did different parts and did that, did that help prepare
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you for what you're doing today? >> well, yeah. everything i do in life, everything one does3 >> reporter: all three hostages, including the security guard who was in the lobby, escaped unharmed. chris, you may recall yesterday during our coverage we kept repeating that it was entirely possible that the hostage taker, the suspect was watching. i was saying that on the air because i was aware of this conversation that had happened with our producer and i wanted to be especially careful that we didn't do anything that might
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rile him up. we were also very careful not to, in any way, disclose exactly the contents against discovery channel and characterize him. the truth is, it was a rambling that was really nonsensical. but all of us at nbc news yesterday were trying to be very careful to do nothing that would endanger the lives of those hostages. >> i know, in constant contact with officials and, fortunately, no one who worked at discovery was hurt. tom, thank you. >> you bet. breaking news with new data coming in on two major pieces of the economic puzzle. first of all, from the labor department. new claims from unemployment benefits fell by 6,000 last week but economists were, even though they were expecting more, the numbers suggest the economy still has not found its solid footing. and now just minutes ago mortgage rates falling to the lowest level in decades for the tenth time in 11 weeks. they dropped. freddie mac says the average
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rate for a 30-year fixed loan was 4.32% this week. that's the lowest, actually, since freddie mac began tracking rates in 1971. homebuyers, though, remain largely on the sidelines. the national association of realtors says the number of people who signed on to purchase homes increased in july, but remained well below last year's levels when they were giving incentives for people to buy. the federal reserve chair, there he is, ben bernanke with a tough statement today saying officials must be ready to shut down big bank physical they threaten the financial system. let's take a look at what the market is doing in response to all of this. not a lot of movement. the dow up just about 15 points and the s&p and nasdaq marginally up, as well. we'll continue to watch that. we're also keeping our eyes on the state department right nowaday two of middle east peace talks. the obama administration is getting all sides together for the first time in nearly two years. secretary of state hillary clinton will be holding a news conference with the israeli and palestinian leaders any minute now.
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check out this view of hurricane earl from space. this picture taken by nasa astronauts. the category 4 storm is getting more intense and moving toward the outer banks of north carolina. it will pass over that area tonight. tens of thousands of people are being evacuated and for folks who decide to stick around, emergency officials say get enough food and water to last you for three days. at this hour, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas are launching their first peace talks in two and a half years.
10:18 am
president obama says he's cautiously hopeful about a positive outcome. >> if we do not make the attempt, then failure is guaranteed. if both sides do not commit to these talks in earnest, then the long-standing conflict will continue only continue to fester and consume another generation and this we simply cannot allow. >> richard wolffe, msnbc political analyst and author of "renegade, the making of a president" joins us now. good morning, richard. >> good morning, chris. >> the ninth round of peace talks. what are the main pluses and minuses to having this one succeed where others have failed? >> well, a couple things from the white house perspective. first off, the security situation, as bad as it's been with these recent attacks by hamas is better than it was when they came into power straight after the gaza conflict, better than it was in the bush years when you had that whole terrible wave of suicide bombings. so, situation on the ground slightly better. the economy and west bank is doing better and mahmoud abbas,
10:19 am
the palestinian leader, the palestinian authority leader is actually the best chance, the best partner they have for peace in this situation. the big question mark, the big negative, if you will, what can netanyahu, what can the israeli prime minister bring with the cabinet and coalition he has got? does that have to change? these are the kind of questions that are going to be resolved somewhere down the track as they get to what concessions are really on the table here? >> looming over the fact that moratorium is going to expire at the end of september and netanyahu has not indicated he is willing to extend it. if construction continues, he's pulling out of the peace talks. does that have to be taken care of before they can even really move forward? >> well, it does have to be taken care of, but in the tortured history of middle east peace negotiations and specifically israeli/palestinian talks, you don't give up anything without getting something in return. the chances are this would be extended and this is the broad
10:20 am
expectation. you won't hear the americans call for it and the israelis won't make it unless they have something to call for it. this back and forth, that is not going to be the decider. if it doesn't proceed, that means everything else has failed anyway. this has been, of course, a foreign policy nightmare for president after president spanning decades. is this political theater or something substantial? matthew dust, national security research and blogger for the center of american progress joins us now. success here? >> i'm cautiously optimistic, like many people. there's a lot of distrusts and mistrust business between the parties here, especially after the last two years in the wake of the gaza war. a lot of bad blood, not only from that, but from decades and decades of conflict between the israelis and the palestinians. however, i do have confidence in president obama in that he has made clear from the very first days of his administration that he sees moving toward a resolution of this conflict as in the u.s. national interest.
10:21 am
and i think he has the firm support of the u.s. national security establishment behind him, as we heard from general david petraeus and a statement to congress several months ago. the persistence and the continuance of this conflict hurt america's ability to achieve their goals in the middle east. so, president obama has been very clear that he's not just doing this just for kicks or for legacy, but he sees the resolution of this conflict as firmly within the u.s. natural interest. >> let's talk about the outside players and hamas and richard mentioned the fact that we had these two incidents and there were four settlers who were killed and then in a separate incident, two more were injured. can hamas play the spoiler, again, as they have in the past. can they, by insighticiting thi violence come to these talks? >> you look at the history of negotiations over the last decades and extremist actors on both sides have tried to use violence to scutthal talks.
10:22 am
we also see extremist settlers in the west bank who have promised to carry out what they call their price tag policy which is harassment against palestinians in the west bank if they feel they live their life in the settlements or in danger. >> all right, matthew, thank you so much. again, we are waiting for this arrival of hillary clinton and the two leaders. so, we will have that for you when it happens. what would you want if you were trapped in a mine with 32 other people, possibly for months? well, those chilean miners have made a special request and, guess what, it was denied. we'll tell you about that. plus, china dealing with another massive traffic jam. this one 75 miles long. what's going on? time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. stewart angs' booth was a hot topic at this year's common com.
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oh thank you. yeah. can i get a box of picks? have at it man, let's just do it. ♪ [ brian ] can i get a windmill? ♪ [ brian ] come on boys, who's next? this is secretary of state palestinian leaders at the launch of the first israeli/palestinian peace talks in two years. let's listen in. >> for the vision of a comprehensive peace embodied in these talks. i also wish to thank former prime minister tony blair, the special representative of the quor tet for his leadership and efforts. mr. blair's work in support of the institutional and economic development of the palestinian people is critical to the success of these peace efforts.
10:25 am
as we've said all along, progress on this track must go hand in hand with progress in negotiations. and let me also as represented by this overwhelming turnout of representatives of the press from across the world express our gratitude to many friends and allies who have worked so hard for progress toward our shared goals. to those who criticize this process who stand on the sidelines and say, no, i ask you to join us in this effort. as president obama said yesterday, we hear often from those voices in the region who insist that this is a top priority and yet do very little to support the work that would actually bring about a palestinian state.
10:26 am
now is the opportunity to start contributing to progress. for our part, the united states has pledged its full support for these talks. and we will be an active and sustained partner. we believe, prime minister and president, that you can succeed. and we understand that this is in the national security interests of the united states that you do so. but we cannot and we will not impose a solution. only you can make the decisions necessary to reach an agreement and secure a peaceful future for the israeli and palestinian people. now, for many of us in this room, this is not the first trip to the negotiating table. i look around and i see veterans
10:27 am
from all three of us. we've been here before and we know how difficult the road ahead will be. there, undoubtedly, will be obstacles and setbacks. those who oppose the cause of peace will try in every way possible to sabotage this process as we have already seen this week. but those of you here today, especially the veterans who are here today, you have returned because you have seen the costs of continued conflict. you know that your people deserve the benefits of peace. the core issues at the center of these negotiations, territories, security, jerusalem, refugees, settlements sxu s and others wi no easier if we wait nor will
10:28 am
they resolve themselves. success will take patience, persistence and leadership. the true test of these negotiations will not be their first day and it will not be their last day. it will be all those long days in the middle when the path towards peace seems hidden and the enemies of peace work to keep it obscured. but we are convinced that if you move forward in good faith and do not waver in your commitment to succeed on behalf of your people, we can resolve all of the core issues within one year. you have taken the first steps, you have both embraced the idea of a two-state solution, which is the only path towards a just lasting peace that ensures security and dignity for both israelis and palestinians.
10:29 am
i fervently believe that the two men sitting on either side of me, that you are the leaders. who can make this long cherished dream a reality. and we will do everything possible to help you. this is a time for bold leadership and a time for statesman who have the courage to make difficult decisions. mr. prime minister, mr. president, you have the opportunity to end this conflict and the decades of embetween yo people once and for all. i want to conclude by just saying a few words directly to the people of the region. your leaders may be sitting at the negotiating table, but you are the ones who will ultimately decide the future.
10:30 am
you hold the future of your families, your communities, your people. this region in your hands. for the efforts here to succeed, we need your support and your patience. today, as ever, people have to rally to the cause of peace and peace needs champions on every street corner and around every kitchen table. i understand very well the disappointments of the past. i share them. but i also knowl'8kñ we have it within our power today to move forward into a different kind of future. and we cannot do this without you. so, now, let me turn to the
10:31 am
prime minister who will make his remarks followed by the president. >> thank you, madam secretary. i want to thank you and president obama for the many efforts that you invested to bring us to this moment. my friend senator mitchell, thank you for your consistent effort for you and your staff's efforts to bring a lasting and durable peace to our region. president abbas, as i said yesterday in our meeting at the
10:32 am
white house where the president of the united states, the president of egypt and the king of jordan, i see in you a partner for peace. together we can lead our people to historic future that can put an end to claims and to conflict. now, this will not be easy. a true peace, a lasting peace would be achieved only with mutual and painful concessions from both sides. from the israeli side, from the palestinian side. from my side, and from your side.
10:33 am
but the people of israel and i as their prime minister are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way, a long way in a short time to achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security, prosperity and good neighbors. good neighbors. to shape a different reality befo betweep us. that's going to involve serious negotiations because there are many issues in contention. the core issues that you outlined, madam secretary, are things that we have disagreements on, but we have to get from disagreement to agreement. a big task. now, two years ago or rather a
10:34 am
year ago in a speech i gave in israel, i tried to outline the two pillars of peace that i think will enable us to resolve all the outstanding issues. these are legitimacy and security. just as you expect us to be ready to recognize a palestinian state as the nation's state of the palestinian people. we expect you to be prepared to recognize israel as the nation's state of the jewish people. there are more than a million nonjews living in israel, the
10:35 am
who have full civil rights. there is no contradiction between a nation's state that guarantees the national rights or the majority and guaranteeing the civil rights, the full civil equality of the minority. i think this mutual recognition between us is indispensable to clarifying to our two people, our two peoples that the conflict between us is over. i said, too, yesterday that a real peace must take into account the genuine security needs of israel. that if changed, they've changed since i was last year you spoke about the veterans who are gathered here. on this table. we've been here before.
10:36 am
we fashioned the hebron agreement and this was 12 years ago. in these 12 years, new forces have risen in our region and we had the rise of iran and its proxies and the rise of missile war fare. and so a peace agreement, a peace agreement must take into account security arrangement against these real threats that have been directed against my country. threats that have been realized with 12,000 rockets that have been fired on our territory and terrorist attacks that go unabated. president abbas, i'm fully aware and i respect your people's desire for sovereignty. i'm convinced that it's possible to reconcile that desire with israel's need for security.
10:37 am
we anticipate difficult days before we achieve the much-desired peace. the last two days have been difficult. they were exceedingly difficult for my people and for me. blood has been shed. the blood of innocence. four innocent israelis gunned down brutally. two people wounded. seven new orphans. president abbas, you condemn this killing, that's important. no less important is to find the killers. and equally to make sure that we can stop other killers that seek
10:38 am
to kill our people, kill our state and kill our peace. and, so, achieving security is a must. security is the foundation of peace. peace can be stable. to end the conflict between our peoples, a conflict that is been lasting for almost a century. it's an unprecedented opportunity to end a century conflict. well, there have been some examples in history, but not many. but we face such a task to end
10:39 am
the bloodshed and to secure a future of promise and hope for our children and grandchildren. and the first book of the bible, the book of genesis, there is a story of how two brothers in conflict, brothers, isaac join together to bury their father, abraham. our father. the father of our two peoples. isaac, the father of the hebrew nation. ishmal, the father of the arab nations. join together in a moment of pain and mutual respect to bury abraham in hebron.
10:40 am
i can only pray and i know that millions around the world, millions of israelis and millions of palestinians and many other millions around the world pray that the pain that we have experienced. you and us in the last 1 00 years of conflict will unite us not only in a moment of peace around a table of peace here in washington, but will enable us to leave from here and to forge a durable, lasting peace for generations. shalom, salaam, peace.
10:41 am
or to say that clinton or txrichard,
10:42 am
>> and this is palestinian president mahmoud abbas, but you heard similar themes being said by both secretary of state hillary clinton and benjamin netanyahu about the roles that this all will play in history. eight previous times attempts at the peace process have failed to sustain a peace. and now in this ninth
10:43 am
opportunity he says he sees him as a partner of peace. he talked about the painful concessions that are necessary and he would be willing to go a long way in a short time to take advantage of what he called an unprecedented opportunity for a future of peace. let me go to richard wolffe who is standing by. okay, we don't have that. let's go back to mahmoud abbas who continues to speak live and we're getting a translation now. >> translator: and we studied all horizons and we also find and determined all the issues. we will work on all security and also releasing the detainees in order to end the occupation that
10:44 am
started 1967, the occupation of the palestinian territories and in order to create the state of palestine that lived side by side was the state of israel. in order to end the conflict and the historic demands in the middle east. and to bring peace and security for the two people and all the peoples of the region. once again, we want to state our commitment to follow on all our commitment, our engagement, including security and ending incitement and we call on the israeli government to move forward towards its commitment to end all settlement activities and completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip. and all form of incitement. you do know, ladies and gentlemen, that we have security apparatuses that are still being built that are still young.
10:45 am
but that are doing everything that is expected from them. yesterday we condemned the operations that were carried. we did not only condemn them, but we also followed on the perpetrators and we were able to find the card that was used and to arrest those who sold and bought the car and we will continue all our effort to take security measures in order to find the perpetrators. we consider that securities of essence is vital for both of us. and we cannot allow for anyone to do anything that would undermine your security and our security. and we, therefore, do not only condemn, but we keep on working seriously.
10:46 am
security is fundamental and very sensitive. ladies and gentlemen, once again, i want to state today what i said at the white house meeting yesterday. in front of president obama, president mubarak and king abdullah and we do believe that their participation was of essence and was very strong and represented the belief of jordan and egypt in peace. these two states alongside with other arab states do believe that peace is a vital interest, not only for the palestinians and the israelis, but also for all the people in the region. and for the united states, as president obama said when he said that the creation of a palestinian state or the two states' vision is vital national
10:47 am
american interest. the plo participates in this negotiations with good intentions and seriousness and is adamant about bringing just peace for freedom and independence for the palestinian people who is attached to his land and his rights. the fair solution of the problem of the refugees, according to national resolutions, we are attached to the international resolutions. we do not want anything above and we do not want anything under. we want to have a new era in our region, an era that brings peace, justice, security and prosperity for all and let me say here that in 1993 on the 89 9th of september of this year, we signed mr. prime minister
10:48 am
what is called a document of mutual recognition between us and israel. between former president arafat and this document was signed. and in this document, we give enough to show that our intentions are good. our intentions with respect to recognizing the state of israel. and did you know, sir, that in camp david also commitments were required from us. and when we came back with president clinton, we carried on with all our commitments because we respect our commitments and our agreements. therefore, we start from here to reach a peace that will end the
10:49 am
conflict that we meet all the demands and start a new era between the israeli and the palestinian people. thank you and peace be among you. >> i want to thank the leaders for their statements and i also want to thank the members of their respective teams who are here in both delegations. the people sitting here have worked very hard. some for many years and they certainly have traveled a long way to be here. and we're grateful for their commitment, as well. today, president obama and i, senator mitchell and our entire -- >> secretary of state hillary clinton in the benjamin franklin room of the state department formally opening the first direct talks between the israelis and the palestinians in nearly two years. she said to both of them, you've
10:50 am
taken an important historic step from freeing your people from the shackles of a history. we cannot change and both of those leaders exfrpressing thei commitment to the peace process. let me bring back in richard wolffe msnbc analyst. i thought one of the interesting things from hillary clinton was at the end of her prepared remarks when she said, i want to talk directly to the palestinian and the israeli people and really suggesting the iminfluence that they have is crucial to these talks. is there a will among israelis and palestinians for this peace process to work? >> well, there's certainly a desire on both sides to move beyond this conflict. people are not living for the conflict with the exception, important exception of hamas, but in terms of what the israelis want, remember, their focus, the israeli government is on the threat of iran. for the palestinians, people are tired of the conflict and they want another, they want a chance at having their own state and
10:51 am
the economy in the west bank, at least, has improved. so, to the extent that both sides are focused on something more than war and more than war against each other, there is room for maneuver. the question is, with a split palestinian authority between the west bank and gaza, with the kind of cabinet that netanyahu has, is the politics in tune with what the people want? that's, i think, what the secretary of state was getting to there. >> you can also ask about the american people because you have president obama who set this in motion some time ago. but at a time when so much is riding on these elections that are upcoming, when the american people clearly are focused on the economy, is there political risk for the white house to have this on the front page of the newspapers across the country? >> well, anything other than the economy is a risk. but people do think, they do expect that the president is to engage with the middle east. it has been a tradition for many
10:52 am
decades and, so, i don't think people would look kindly on a president who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time. couldn't deal with domestic and foreign issues like this. but, certainly, they want to keep hearing about the economy all the way through this process. there is a significant group of people, both on democratic side and the republican side who rate these israeli issue very highly in their political choices. so, it's not like this is a side show in terms of the foreign agenda that any president has. >> all right, richard wolffe, always good to see you, thanks. >> thank you, chris. we should let you know that these leaders will be talking a little later on today to iron out the final details of the next step and the hope is that on september 15th, they'll meet in the egyptian red sea resort of sharm el sheikh and continue this peace process and we'll continue to follow this story. switching gears completely because some fascinating new information out. all you single ladies throughout listen up. lots of tough economic news, but it might surprise you to find out who is fairing better than some others. there's new research out showing
10:53 am
20 something women who do not have kids are outearning their male colleagues in the big cities. let's bring in vera gibbons. okay, 22 to 30, no husband, they earn a median of $27,000 a year. 8% higher than men. what is behind these numbers? >> not bad. it's actually not surprising because they're going to college at a much higher rate and getting advanced degrees in higher education results in higher wages. 147 cities are making more out of 150 and in some cases while they're making 8% more on average, in some cases they're making upwards of 20%. >> in atlanta, for example, that's one of the cities where it's really higher. >> atlanta is one. new york, los angeles, san diego where they're making substantially more. they're making substantially more money in several different areas, majority, minority population so that would include a place like miami. also in those distressed areas
10:54 am
where we've seen a lot of the manufacturing jobs, of course, go by the wayside. the men have been hit really hard. these are thips of areas where they're really making great, great headway. >> so, young, single, childless women but women overall, how are they doing? >> women have been fairing very well in this recession because the vast majority of the jobs lost have befallen men. they have been in those industries hit hard, construction, manufacturing. women tend to be in areas that are growing. health care, education, for example. so, we now account for about 50% of the workforce up from 30% a generation ago and if this trend continues, where more men continue to lose jobs, women for the first time in american history, could be a larger percentage on the nation's payrolls. but -- >> the next question becomes, will they make as much money as the men make? >> we only make 78 cents to the dollar. that's the big sticking point, still. we have seen a shift where more women are primary bread winners
10:55 am
in four out of ten american families. 47% of working women are professional or in a managerial position. we have come out ahead of this recession where the men have not done so well because they have been in distressed industries. >> women have moved into what have been male-dominated professions whether it's doctors, lawyers, mba,s in some places dominating the schools. >> they have done a better job adapting to the fundamental shifts we have seen in this economy. >> nice to have you in. >> thank you so much. that will do it for me, i'm chris jansing. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 10:00. we'll continue to track hurricane earl. thomas roberts picks things up next with the latest on the hurricane that is barreling towards the east coast. keep it right here on msnbc. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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which means come game time, i'm just as ready as he is. go! go! yeah! [ mom ] game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. bracing for earl. one of the strongest storms to threaten the east coast. the residents packing up and getting out, we have live
10:59 am
reports all along the east coast for you. inside the mind of discovery channel's gunman. new information about the man who took hostages and what prompted him to act. explaining the meltdown. fed chairman ben bernanke on capitol hill trying to explain to lawmakers why the bailout just had to happen. iowa bound sarah palin sets off fresh speculation about her political future. we will examine that. great to have you with us, everybody. we begin this hour, though, with hurricane earl. the storm is expected to make its first stop in south carolina, keeping a very close eye on this tracking the storm as it begins to move up the east coast. stephanie abrams is in kill devils hill, north carolina, and we want to begin with msnbc meteorologist bill karins. he has the latest on the path of earl. >> we are now just digesting myself up and down the beaches of the east coast. digesting the new information we just got from the hurricane center. let me show you the trac

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